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Take legal action

Legal Demand Letter

A Legal Demand is the best way of Getting PAID and at $44 it’s also affordable!

Let us manage your debt collection matter with these three easy steps, leaving you to get on with managing your business.

Register online

Register online (free of charge) so we know who you are and where to send your money.

Log in at any time to issue a Legal Demand ($44) to get your bad debts paid.

For larger debts, you can authorise us to negotiate a payment plan with your debtor (with the minimum instalment amount to be decided by you).


We issue the Legal Demand

We issue the Legal Demand on lawyer’s letterhead to your debtor anywhere in Australia instantly and send you a copy.

Click here to see a sample Legal Demand.

If you authorise us to, we will invite your debtor to offer to pay the debt by instalments at no additional cost to you.

You get PAID

We electronically remit to you debtor payments within 7 days of receipt.

At any time from your client portal you can see the repayments and the outstanding amount of the debt.

If we don’t receive payment (and mostly we do), we’ll assess the available options (free of charge) and recommend the most cost-effective course of action.

We will provide a no-obligation quote for the work involved and an estimate of what costs you can recover from the debtor.

You then decide if you want to take the matter further.

WA Debt collection lawyers

Let your debtor know you mean business

Seasoned debtors know that only lawyers— not debt collectors —are licensed to take legal action to force them to pay. When you serve them with a Get PAID Legal Demand on a lawyer’s letterhead, it’s clear that you mean business.

Legal guide

Debt Collection - A Legal Guide

Our plain-English guide explains the legal process for collecting trade and commercial debts.

Why choose us

Why should you engage us instead of a traditional debt collection agency?
We are more effective

Professional debtors know that debt collectors can’t take legal action. We are licensed to provide legal advice and commence court proceedings.

We are cheaper

We don’t charge hefty commissions or hidden extras on top of our fixed fee. If a debt collection agent can’t collect your debt, they’ll usually hire a lawyer for you. You’ll probably end up paying both!

We are local

We are Western Australia based, with offices in the Perth CBD. Local knowledge, local experience and local service to get your bad debts paid.


We have been in the debt collection/credit control business for almost 40 years.

Upfront Fixed Fees

We will tell you exactly what it will cost and how much you can expect to recover from the debtor, arming you with the information to decide whether a debt is worth pursuing.


Instruct us on new matters and keep track of the progress of existing matters with our easy-to-use website.


Get PAID is suitable for trade and commercial debts. Some of the industries we can help are:

Tradies and Builders

Plumbers, electricians, painters, air-conditioner installers, repairmen, gardeners, bricklayers, pest-controller, mechanics and others.

Small Business

Advertising agencies, agribusiness, architects, wineries, breweries, transport and delivery services, manufacturers, accommodation providers and others.


Collect debts on behalf of your clients or deal with your own slow payers.

Local Government

Collect overdue rates quickly, easily and professionally.

Insolvency Practitioners

Collect debts owing to companies and individuals who have entered insolvency arrangements.

Schools and Educational Institutions

Professional and ethical collection of tuition and related fees.

Professional Services

Accountants, lawyers, migration agents, consultants, medical services, veterinary services, real estate agents and brokers.

Strata Companies

Collect strata fees quickly, easily and cost effectively.


Collect debts quickly, easily and with a clear focus on maximising returns and minimising costs.

Funeral Services

Professional and ethical collection of debts due from deceased estates.


What our clients say

[After bespoke strategy to recover debt resulted in arrangement to pay] Awesome work, thanks Angus.
Ms W - Get Paid Debt Collection client
November 27, 2023
[In response to debt collected in full] This is great news Nigel. A massive thank you to all involved at Birman & Ride who made this possible.
Ms P
October 25, 2023
[Debt paid in full] This is fantastic news. Thank you to you and your team
Ms H
October 25, 2023
Thank you Nigel. You’re the champion.
Mr F - tradesperson
October 11, 2023
Wohohoho awesome news [payment received in full]. Thanks Angus for the amazing work.
October 11, 2023
Great news and an excellent result Angus.
October 11, 2023

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Our plain-English guide explains the debt collection process for trade and commercial debts under $75,000 in Western Australia.