Get Paid Debt Collection


The most cost effective solution for all your debt recovery needs.

Get Paid Debt Collection offer a one-stop-shop and cost effective solution to collecting your debts. We will manage your debt collection matter, leaving you to get on with managing your business.

Get PAID Debt Collection is a service of lawyers Birman & Ride. Our mission is to serve the community by making quality legal services accessible to as many people as possible.

We believe that an effective legal system is essential to a healthy community and lawyers play an important role in enabling access to the system.

We use innovative pricing models and service delivery to overcome traditional barriers to accessing legal services. For example:

  • ON THE SPOT services – we use advanced technology to prepare and finalise Wills, Probate and Divorce documents and many others in only one short consultation.
  • Real estate settlements – Our flat rate pricing model has introduced real competition to the industry and drastically reduced prices for buyers and sellers.
  • Get PAID – cutting out the Debt Collector middleman and exposing charging rorts in the collection industry.
  • Fixed price services quoted in advance – whenever possible.



Jeremy Birman

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Senior associate
Nigel Siegwart
Senior associate

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Legal executive
Angus Edwards
Legal executive

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Why you should engage a lawyer instead of a debt collection agency?

It's more effectiveWhen debt collection agencies demand payment, professional debtors know that they can't take legal action to enforce your claim. Only a lawyer can offer this service.
It's cheaperWe don't charge hefty commissions or hidden extras on top of our fixed fee. If your debt collection agency can’t collect your debt, they'll tell you so see a lawyer or hire one on your behalf. You'll probably end up paying both!
One stop shopUnlike a debt collection agency, we're licensed to provide legal advice – so if something crops up, we can help.
Upfront Fixed FeesWe will tell you exactly what it will cost and how much you can expect to recover from the debtor, arming you with the information to decide whether a debt is worth pursuing.
ConvenientInstruct us on new matters and keep track of the progress of existing matters with our easy-to-use website.