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Thanks for your services

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for your services which we found to be very professional in reaching the outcome we were after.

Peter Italiano
16 February 2021

Thank you very much Angus

Thank you very much Angus and Nigel for your help. You had provided us with an excellent service.
We will definitely use your service again in the future.
I highly recommend this company for their excellent service, excellent customer service and very professional & efficient lawyer.

Antonio Gavanzo - AAG CAD Drafting MEP Building Services Pty Ltd
14 February 2021

Thank you again

Hi Grace, thank you very much. This was a great outcome – a pity we had to go to such lengths to be paid for services we were instructed to provide. Thank you again, we appreciated your services.

Mr L
17 December 2020

Standout efficiency and knowledge

Nigel, thank you for all your work. I’m sure we will be utilising your services again. You’re the standout firm we’ve dealt with in the past 7 years in WA with your efficiency, knowledge, and practicality.

Mr M
16 December 2020

Excellent service

Excellent service, has provided positive outcomes for the School in the management of long standing debtors.

Jenny Nobbs - Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School
22 October 2020

Absolutely brilliant service.

Absolutely brilliant service. Once they received a demand it scared them into paying immediately. Thanks for saving us much time and effort chasing the money that was owed to us. As small business owners we don’t need the stress involved with chasing non-payers and you guys made the whole process fast and easy ! Highly recommend!

Kara Kelly
12 October 2020

Always great service.

Always great service.

Lorraine Dash
29 September 2020

Always fast efficient service

Always fast efficient service

Lorraine Dash
16 September 2020


[Payment was received in full]

Thank you Angus, that’s amazing. To be honest I didn’t think we were going to get anything from this debtor.

Ms P
11 September 2020

Appreciated Your Expertise

Hello Angus, thank you so much for your assistance. A very pleasing result for us, after trying ourselves for so long to get our invoice paid. We appreciated your expertise in dealing with the matter promptly. We would use and also recommend you in the future.

Ms W
20 July 2020


Thank you Nigel. A better outcome for us from these difficult debtors.

Mr H
6 July 2020

Cannot believe it!

Hi Angus, I cannot believe [the debtor] actually paid! We have been chasing this debt for over a year. It just goes to show the significance of sending a legal letter to someone who thinks they can get away with it! Great outcome for us, many thanks.

Ms F
6 July 2020


Sensational! Thank you!

Mr F
3 July 2020

Paid in full!

The client paid [the debt]! Thank you for your work, I’ll recommend you to my contacts. I was nearly going to write this debt off as it was taking me too long to follow up on her.

Mr M
25 June 2020

I was paid within a week. Thank you very much.

18 June 2020

Hi Angus, thank you so much. [The Debtor] paid as soon as they got your letter.

Ms R
18 June 2020

It was lovely dealing with you. Thank you for your help.

Anonymous Debtor
15 June 2020

[payment was received in full] Thanks! Very nicely done, overall fantastic news!

Mr F
9 June 2020

Fantastic, thank you very much Angus. We certainly know where to turn to in the future.

Ms M
18 May 2020

I have received full and final payment from [the debtor]. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Mr M
18 May 2020

Hello Angus, many thanks for all your assistance in settling this debt.

Ms G
8 May 2020

Just to advise that we have received full payment from the customer.

Mr A
5 May 2020

Nigel and Angus – I just want to thank you both with all your help and assistance with regards to our case. Such a great team. Have a great week ahead!

Ms G
16 March 2020

[Payment in full] was received on Saturday. What a great service. Will definitely use again if needed.

Mr H
9 March 2020

Professional and efficient

Very happy with Nigel’s service in assisting us to recover a debt. Professional & efficient. Will definitely recommend to others.

Mr S
27 December 2019

Prompt assistance

Angus – Many thanks for your kind, prompt assistance and attention you gave me in my recent contact with your Company. This was greatly appreciated by me.

Ms K
19 December 2019

many thanks Angus for your kind assistance and patience towards my request for recovery of the amount owing to me.

Valmai Kelly
7 November 2019

Success!!! Thank you Nigel. A moral victory more than a financial one, but a very satisfying outcome for our small business.

Ms C
15 October 2019

No hassle service and great results

No hassle service and great results

Mick Hughes
15 October 2019

Thank you very much

I cannot thank you and your team enough for your help with this matter. The default judgement has helped me emotionally and I feel I can move on with life.

Ms K
16 September 2019

Your online form was so quick, simple and easy to use. Thank you for providing such a seamless service.

Jack Dickens - Dickens Painting & Decorating
12 July 2019

Hi Nigel, I confirm that we have received the funds from the debtor. Thank you for your assistance.

Mr A (construction)
9 July 2019

We have employed Nigel and your company for a number of Debt Recovery jobs now. We will employ your company on all our jobs owing us money as we have had a great experience with you, now and in the future.

Mr G
13 June 2019

Thank you Angus, a great result

Mr H - Education
7 June 2019

Thanks guys it was really great meeting with you to discuss the non paying client, we felt very confident in your GPC and services. I really think they knew they had no defence and it would have been embarrassing for them to pursue knowing I had great lawyers behind us. Thanks again

Aldo Misiani - Engineering Services
3 May 2019

Thanks for your help. I was actually going to email you to tell you I’m loving the new site! Much easier – and cheaper which is always a bonus!

Ms P - Construction
12 April 2019

Love the web portal. Very user friendly. Will be sending our debt collection notices through your system forever more.

Mr H
7 February 2019

Hi Angus, Just to let you know that [the debtors] have sent me a remittance for payment of this debt. Thank you for your assistance.

Ms D - Construction Supplier
28 November 2018

Dear Angus, thank you for your assistance with this matter. I advise that the customer paid the outstanding amount yesterday.

Mr A
23 October 2018

Thank you Angus [The Debtor] has just phoned and paid into our bank account the total monies owed. Please close this account !

Ms S
13 August 2018

Thanks James, [The debtor] has now paid in full.

Ms D
2 August 2018

Helpful without being pushy, giving options without bias. A good outcome! It appears that an efficient system has been established.

Mr A
2 July 2018

Fast, efficient and friendly service – will definitely be using Birman and Ride for all debt recovery issues in the future.

Mr M
2 July 2018

Hi James Can you please close the file for [the Debtors] as they have paid in full directly to [us].

Ms S
22 May 2018

Thanks Nigel, appreciate your help.

Mr P
5 May 2018

Compliments on your web site, products and timeliness. You are an easy company to work with.

Mrs M
1 May 2018

Woah, what a quick turnaround! Thank you so much for your assistance.

Mr R
15 January 2018

This is exactly the result I was hoping for and due to your assistance was achieved. Thank you again.

Mr F
20 October 2017

We got paid! Thank you for all your assistance in this matter.

Mrs M
21 September 2017

Just to let you know that [the debtor] has recently paid the balance of their account! Thank you for your services and will get in touch with you next time.

Ms D
26 June 2017

Hi Nigel, Just to confirm that I finally received full payment from [the debtor] for all outstanding invoices. Thanks heaps for your assistance in settling this matter.

Mr S
13 November 2016

I can confirm that we have received the payment. Thank you all for your help.

Ms T
11 October 2016

We have received payment in full overnight from [the debtor]. Thank you for your help.

Ms R
23 August 2016

Just to let you know I have received full payment of this account! Good work!!

Ms L
11 August 2016

Excellent service and Nigel always very efficient and happy to help.

Ms D
1 August 2016

I am pleased to tell you that [the debtor] has paid their account. I might just have another one for you soon!! Many thanks for your help.

Ms D
1 August 2016

[The debtor] has paid. Many thanks

Ms I
23 May 2016

W have received a payment arrangement for [this debtor]. Many thanks

Ms I
11 May 2016

Our company recently engaged the services of Birman & Ride for the first time and found them to be extremely professional and efficient. A great outcome for our company.

Mr A
7 April 2016

Thanks for all your help regarding the collection of monies from [Debtor]. I am pleased to advise that they paid in full yesterday.

Ms D
7 April 2016

Hi Nigel, I have received payment in full for the outstanding debt from [the debtor] on Friday. Thank you for your help.

Ms R
17 August 2015

You were very helpful, patient and accommodating with my legal matter.

Ms C
12 June 2015

Thank you for sending the demand letter.  The client was in contact with us within the hour & has paid the account in full.

Ms R
15 March 2015

A very good outcome with both debtors now having paid after a frustrating 12 – 18 months. I can not speak highly enough of your company and your own involvement in this. Everything you personally did was of the utmost professionalism and your service was exceptional, all wrapped up inside a week.

Mr S
6 March 2015

Hi Nigel, Thank you for your demand letter – we glad to advise we received a response today agreeing to a monthly payment of $500, which we have accepted. Thank you.

Ms L
3 December 2014

Hi Cheryl, Just a quick update, that we have received the payment from this debtors. Thank you very much for your help.

Mr S
11 November 2014

We have received a partial  payment with a promise of the balance in early November – so at this stage we are happy with that.

Ms D
17 October 2014

[The debtor] replied this morning saying that they would transfer the payment by the end of the week. Thanks for your help.

Mr L
17 September 2014

Yes thank you.  The letter sent them into a flap.  At this stage we require no further action

Ms D
2 September 2014

[The debtor] came to an agreement and he has now paid. Thank you very much for your assistance as we would not have had this outcome without you.

Mr T
16 July 2014

Hi Cheryl $$ has been received, thank you

Mr N
30 March 2014

Hi Cheryl, thanks for the reply. [The debtor] received your email and has paid off the outstanding amount other than 5k which he is paying today. Thanks for your help in the matter. I’ve recommended you to a few of my other suppliers who have bad debts.

Mr H
5 March 2014

We have received full payment from [Debtor]!

Ms D
29 January 2014