Debt collectors vs lawyers


As a debt creeps across your aged debtor statement, you might wonder who you should engage to assist you – a lawyer or a debt collector. In almost all situations, you will be far better off with a competent lawyer.

What are debt collectors?

A debt collector is a glorified middleman. Their only tactic is to demand payment of your debt, whether by telephone, letter or carrier pigeon. If this doesn’t work, the debt collector will engage a lawyer – at your cost. A debt collector cannot commence legal proceedings or give you legal advice.

For their apparent assistance in standing between you, your debtor and your lawyer, the middleman will usually take an unhealthy part of any winnings.

Cut out the middleman

A lawyer can handle your debt collection matters from start to finish, saving you time and money.

Get PAID Debt Collection is provided by Birman & Ride, an established Perth law firm. By engaging us, you avoid commissions and benefit from our competitively priced, fixed-fee products.




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