Team B&R

Angus Edwards

Departments: Civil litigation, Commercial litigation, Debt collection

Angus joined the team in 2018 as part of the firm’s law cadetship program while studying his juris doctor. He subsequently graduated from UWA with a juris doctor in 2021 and was admitted as a lawyer in April 2022. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts from UWA majoring in Politics & International Relations and Business Law.

Angus has a particularly keen interest in deceased estate disputes, and especially enjoys working closely with clients to achieve their objectives through both court proceedings and negotiation. He takes pride in presenting high-quality work and in his ability to connect with people on a personal level, which is particularly important when assisting clients in matters which may be emotionally draining for them.

Angus has gained a considerable amount of experience in civil litigation throughout his time at Birman & Ride and continues to grow and develop his skills at every opportunity. After spending 2 years running (under the direction of Nigel Siegwart) the firm’s debt collection department, Get Paid Debt Collection, he gradually increased his involvement in (and management of) more complex litigation matters in both a commercial context and in the area of deceased estate disputes.

Angus is also involved in developing the firm’s administrative and workflow processes. He regularly works with ContactsLaw (the firm’s technology partner) to identify and address software and process model issues, update workflows, and develop new features, all of which contribute to making his department (and the firm) run more efficiently. This helps to improve the service being to delivered to clients, lower the costs, and allows him (and others) to take on expanded workloads filled with more engaging work.

Outside the firm, Angus is an avid musician, and is heavily involved in the Western Australian barbershop harmony community. He currently sings with Wildcard quartet (the 2021 national male quartet champions) and The Baden Street Singers (multi-time national champion mixed chorus). He is also on the management committee for The Baden Street Singers as the association’s secretary. He has performed both nationally and internationally (including for audiences of several thousand in the US) and in 2017 sang as part of Adele’s choir at her Perth Stadium concert.

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