Team B&R

Bea Belonio

Legal Executive
Departments: Debt collection

Bea joined Birman & Ride in 2023 as part of the firm’s law cadetship program. Having previously spent time in commercial law, family law, and at community legal centres, she is equipped with a diverse skill set, enabling her to navigate various legal scenarios with care and understanding.

Bea is responsible for running the day-to-day of the firm’s debt collection department, Get Paid Debt Collection, and values dedication and a high level of attention to detail. She manages debt collection files from start to finish, always looking to achieve clients’ objectives.

Bea holds a BA Business Economics degree from University of the Philippines and is currently in her final year of studying Bachelor of Laws at Murdoch University. Bea looks forward to being admitted as a lawyer and taking the next step in her legal career.

Outside of work, Bea enjoys an active and fulfilling life, cherishing moments spent with her beloved niece and nephews to foster strong family bonds that provide her with unwavering support and inspiration. Additionally, Bea delights in trying new foods and exploring diverse restaurants, savouring each experience as a delicious journey of flavours and cultures.

Our plain-English guide explains the debt collection process for trade and commercial debts under $75,000 in Western Australia.