Team B&R

Bea Belonio

Legal Executive
Departments: Debt collection

Bea joined Birman & Ride in 2023 as part of the firm’s law cadetship program. Having previously spent time in commercial law, family law, and at community legal centres, she is equipped with a diverse skill set, enabling her to navigate various legal scenarios with care and understanding.

Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the firm’s debt collection department, Get Paid Debt Collection, Bea emphasises dedication and a high level of attention to detail as she adeptly manages debt collection files from initiation to successful completion, always striving to achieve clients’ objectives. Bea thrives on structured work, relying on to-do lists and checklists to ensure every task is meticulously completed on time. Her responsibilities include attending means and default inquiry hearings at the Magistrates Court, highlighting her dedication to navigating the complexities of financial assessments.

Bea holds a BA Business Economics degree from University of the Philippines and has recently graduated from Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Laws.

Bea cherishes quality time with her niece and nephews and finds herself spoiling them more than necessary. An avid enthusiast of culinary delights, she also loves uncovering new restaurants, savouring diverse flavours. After a long week, you’ll find Bea by the beach with a drink in hand and up till the wee hours of the night. This dynamic blend of professional excellence and a zest for life defines Bea both in and out of the workplace.

Our plain-English guide explains the debt collection process for trade and commercial debts under $75,000 in Western Australia.